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The “New” Massachusetts Homestead Law

Recent revisions to the existing Homestead Act, which were signed into law by Governor Patrick, will provide every Massachusetts homeowner with up to $125,000.00 in creditor protection automatically, beginning in March 2011. Because this is not a federal law or protection, same-sex married couples have the same rights and protections afforded all “married spouses” under the Homestead Act. Continue reading

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‘Til Death Do Us Part: Residency Requirements and the Gay Divorce Dilemma

I am contacted increasingly often by couples from states like Florida who were married in Massachusetts and who now want to obtain a same-sex divorce. In many cases, both spouses are in complete agreement and ready to cooperate in order to obtain a divorce. Their question to me: Can we obtain a divorce in Massachusetts? The answer: No. Follow-up question: Well, then can we get divorced in Florida? The answer: No. Continue reading

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Trans Couple Settles Housing Discrimination Lawsuit

A transgender couple has settled their housing discrimination lawsuit against landlords and the real estate agent for a rental property in Oxford, Massachusetts. Continue reading

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Marriage Alternatives and Contracts that Protect Same-Sex Couples

Both same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Massachusetts who choose marry are essentially entering into a binding contract with each other and the state.  The state sets the terms of this marital contract, which dictates property ownership, inheritance, separation, property and … Continue reading

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The Homebuyer Tax Credit – What’s in it for Same-Sex Couples?

Congress has recently updated legislation as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act that gives qualifying first-time homebuyers a tax credit worth up to $8,000.  The legislation adds Section 36 to the Internal Revenue Code.   With real estate … Continue reading

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